Escapees CARE Center evicts 82-year-old at Christmas

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“You’re being vindictive, Lorraine” is a frequent comment. No, it is time someone spoke out about the “less pleasant” side of the CARE Center. By doing a Google search, you can read flowery articles about the facility. I love the vision of Kay Peterson; I planned to make the CARE Center “my forever home.”

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From my Facebook page

Kris Friedrichs Wow. You CARE residents not only eat your own, but continue to chew on the carcass of those you helped throw under the bus! And you want the Escapees community to continue to donate to your cause???! Good gawd, you all make me sick. And touting bible verses while sticking the knife in deeper… You truly are NOT the Special Kind of People that defined this Club and “Kay’s dream”. I’m ashamed for this entire community! (I’m also certain that your self-righteousness will come back to bite you all in your wrinkly, old, elitist asses!)

Lois Wilson Kris, you would understand if you knew the entire story.
Kris Friedrichs

Kris Friedrichs Lois Wilson Please don’t tell me that I don’t understand, when you have no idea who I am or what I might know.

I’ve lived and worked in Rainbow’s End for 15 years, and have had personal experience with CARE’s director (my neighbor), many of the current (and former) residents, and the defunct board of directors. What you all choose to ignore, is that Lorraine’s beef was NOT with CARE as an independent living facility – it’s with the unqualified director who uses his position of authority as an ego trip and a cudgel, and has no compunction about defending his actions with dishonesty… whether it’s contained in his lunchtime “announcements”, or as claimed under oath in a court of law. It’s also about the willingness of his staff and board of directors to back him at any cost, as long as it doesn’t hurt them.

Lorraine was willing to fight for ALL residents to have improved dietary choices, and to stand up to the intimidation tactics that residents have complained about for years. How she chose to go about doing that may not have been to your (or others’) liking, but that’s not the point here. You seem to be stuck on Lorraine’s personality, rather than the fact that there is NO set policy for grievances or evictions, and NO one to protect CARE residents who might be a little… bothersome? different? outspoken? The rental rates will continue to rise as the donations and volunteerism continue to decline, due (in part) to avoidable incidents like this one. In time, Kay’s dream will become nothing more than an elite social club that’s unaffordable for those SKP’s who actually need the services provided. Carry on with your eyes wide shut, if that’s what suits you. Many more are looking at the big picture, and choosing not to subsidize those for whom the “caring and sharing” SKP mantra is only applicable to themselves and their circle of friends.

By the way, I notice that none of you have mentioned the sudden efforts being made to improve the meals at CARE. Since I’m not a big believer in coincidence, I’d venture to guess that those efforts are a direct result of Lorraine’s repeated grievances, along with those of the 19 people she allegedly “bullied” into signing a complaint. Interesting that you’re still harping on her faults, while reaping the benefits of her unnecessarily harsh punishment for “rocking the boat”. But hey… if I say “god bless you!”, I can slide back into my bubble feeling good about myself and justified in my stinky comments.

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FYI: This site prepared by a broken-hearted old lady. It isn’t a “professional” website (and never will be). The reader is asked to do research before “investing” in the Escapees CARE Center. Silence is goldenIt might be “the right fit” for you (or a loved one). This bit of advise: >  FYI: In October/November 2017, there wasn’t a single agency in a position to assist this resident. Escapees CARE is so unique it doesn’t have a supervising agency for residents. Texas Department of Disability & Aging Services (DADS) has jurisdiction over the Adult Day Care program.

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